Adimage Artwork
What we need from you.

For the best possible reproduction and most efficient service, we request that you provide your artwork as a vector file.  This file format allows us to accurately manipulate and resize logos, in proportion and without any loss of quality, detail or accuracy. 

A vector file is created using software like Adobe Illustrator (or similar program) and is perfect for logos. These files will have ‘.ai’, or ‘.eps’ extensions.

If you do not have a vector file, you can provide a bitmap file and we can have one of our experienced graphic designers recreate your artwork as a vector image.  Charges for redrawing vary depending on complexity of the design.  Please contact your dedicated Account Manager to confirm costs.

 If you are choosing embroidery we can accept bitmap or vector files due of the method of production. Please ensure that if bitmap the artwork is of high quality. If you have the actual embroidery file please send through as a ‘.dst’ file.



Artwork Formats Explained


Bitmap Explained: File-types such as .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .pic, .png and .tif (to name a few) are built on the concept of bitmap imaging. A bitmap is quite literally ‘a map of bits’ that forms an image. The ‘bits’ in question are generally referred to as ‘pixels’.
Vector Explained: Vector images on the other hand are drawn by plotting ‘anchor’ points. Each point is given a coordinate ‘location’ on the page; mathematics then enables a computer to perfectly plot a smooth path between each ‘anchor’ point. Vector files can be scaled without losing quality, a task that cannot be achieved with a bitmap file.


  File Format: Illustrator .ai or .eps file for a PC (vector graphics).
Fonts: Please ensure that all fonts are converted to outlines.
Colours: Where possible we request that Pantone / PMS colour reference numbers are supplied.



*Should you require full colour printing please contact us for artwork specifications relevant to your specific product on order.


Pre-Production Samples

Physical or digital pre-production samples are provided free of charge on any offshore order; or on any new locally embroidered order (excluding repeat orders).  The pre-production sample is produced once the artwork has been approved and once all stock has been secured for your order.  Please note that the intention of the pre-production sample (as opposed to a sales sample) is to confirm that your sample complies with your approved artwork.

In all other cases pre-production samples are charged out at an additional cost, if required, however these are not normally supplied as the obligation remains with our decorator/s to produce a commercially acceptable match to your approved artwork.  In some cases such as ceramic printing or laser engraving, one of our Promotional Product professionals may recommend a pre-production sample and will advise of the associated charges.